Skype for Business Mac Client
We have received overwhelming interest in trying out the new Skype for Business Mac client. At this point, we are not onboarding additional customer, but please stay tuned to the portal for more information of when this opens up again.
We will be approving a small set of IT Professionals on an ongoing basis as we monitor the incoming bugs & feedback for quality on a daily basis. Shipping a high quality SfB experience on Mac is our # 1 priority so your timely feedback will help us get to General Availability sooner while continuously adding more customers frequently
You can download the build from the portal, place it on a secure internal share for your users to download after testing the build within your IT team
You can expect to get an update at least once a month.
The update will be in-app and you should expect to see a notification in the client. You can also manually check for new updates from within the client.
Please click on “report an issue” in the client UI to report issues b. Please provide your suggestions here:
No, El Capitan Mac OS is a pre-requirement to installing the SfB Mac client
Yes, please make sure mobility is enabled in your server environment. This will change soon in the preview phase and will not be a requirement post-GA.
Initially only IT Professionals will be able to download. Eventually we will allow direct access by all customers.
Organization Sign up vs. Individual Sign Up
Signing up your organization allows an IT Administrator to view an expanded list of product opportunities available to organizations leveraging Skype for Business today. This requires that you are the IT Administrator for that organization and can make changes to your tenant and/or server configuration as needed. Such validations may require that you sign up other users at your organization to participate, as indicated in the product opportunity requirements.

Signing up as yourself allows you as a single Skype for Business user to select from a sub-set of product opportunities focused on the individual user’s experience without requiring you to be an IT administrator for your organization. When you sign up yourself, there is no requirement to have additional users in your organization participate in product validation opportunities.
No. Distribution of the client is only available when an IT Administrator signs up their organization. If you would like other users to participate as an individual without signing up as an organization, please have them sign up directly.
Skype for Business Preview Program
The Skype for Business Preview community offers an opportunity for organizations to provide inputs on pre-release products through a number of modalities and features validation. The primary goal of the program is to high impact on the product through these validation activities while offering IT Administrators, Business End Users, and the Skype for Business product team the opportunity to connect. Through this community, we surface issues early-on in the development process and we have an opportunity to resolve them in a timely manner. It also allows us to build the best product based on direct customer feedback.
To be considered for the Preview community, please share a little about your organization via the sign up form on the skype preview program home: Please complete the survey on behalf of your organization and provide IT admin information who can be the primary point of contact on the program.
As part of the Preview community, you will be required to:
• Review and agree to any legal agreements designated as mandatory for program.
• Assign a dedicated IT Administrator resource as primary contact for program.
• Invite end users who map to specific profiles to join the Skype Programs portal and provide product feedback related to active validations as required.
• Participate in surveys, feedback sessions and social media events as requested, with specific activities and involvement level to be determined by the validations you are joining.
Please check individual validation trains for more information on specific requirements.
• Exclusive, early access to software and documentation
• Opportunity to validate new investments prior to general availability
• Ability to influence future design decisions by providing feedback directly to Microsoft
• Technical Support for any issues experienced during pre-release validation
• Participate in a community passionate about improving communications experience
Please check individual validation trains for more information on specific benefits.
IT Pros will spend on average 4-5 hours/month participating in deployments and related feedback activities including community participation, surveys, and group or 1:1 feedback sessions.
End-users will spend approximately 1-2 hours/month participating in testing and feedback activities.
The amount of time can vary depending on the number of validations an organization chooses to participate in and how much a user wants to use the product.
We will be reviewing nominations on a ongoing basis as new opportunities arise. If approved, you will be notified via email and sent a set of instructions for the nomination(s) in which you will be participating. Please note that there is a limit to the number of customers we can accept per feature validation. In some cases, your organization may be not approved for each of the feature validations you have selected.

Yammer is a terrific resource for connecting with the Skype Experience Team and other organizations participating in the Skype for Business Preview program. We encourage you to leverage Yammer to submit questions regarding the product and/or general program questions. Items posted to Yammer are visible to members of the Preview community, regardless of organization.

Skype Preview Portal:

The Skype Preview Portal is your source for any downloads, survey and feedback activities as well as a location for submitting support and feedback on the product. You can use the Skype Programs Portal to view the status of currently open support items for your organization. Your portal is locked to other members of your organization.


If you are having issues with portal access or have questions that are specific to your organization’s participate in the Skype for Business Preview program, please email us at
Feedback submitted through your program participation is triaged by the Skype Experience Team for review.
We will let you know via email and/or Yammer posts as new features are added to the product.
You will receive email notification regarding your participation what will include information on what steps to take, and we will reach out from time to time via email and/or Yammer with areas of interest in a particular release for which we would like to get your feedback.